Agricultural Tour on Electrical Vehicles/Golf Cars

The tour begins at Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, adjacent to the site itself and a 2 minute ride from there. Upon entering the Kibbutz  the group is met by a kibbutz member guide and electrical vehicles/golf cars for transportation. The guide tells and explains interesting facts, stories and anecdotes relating to the kibbutz itself and kibbutz life in general. The first stop is the cow shed and milking parlor, which have been awarded prizes by the European Community for the quality of the milk produced. The guide will explain the story of the local dairy industry and its success.

The next stop on the tour is the kibbutz plant nursery and the group will view it while traveling on their vehicles. From the plant nursery the tour continues to the orchards specializing in raising exotic tropical fruits, like pitaya—nicknamed “dragon fruit”—passiflora—“passion fruit” in English—and other unique tropical fruits. The group will walk around the orchard and hear an explanation about these unique fruits and their successful acclimatization in the Kibbutz’s Mediterranean climate and be treated to tastings of whatever fruits are currently in season. From there the tour continues to the avocado and banana groves, where the group can walk among the trees and sense being in a tropical jungle. Also here the guide will explain the varieties of fruits grown and visitors can take souvenir photos among the lush greenery.

The next stop is the banana green house, nicknamed “Vaduz”, where the guide will explain how it has come about that Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, of all places in the world, is a leader in the supply of banana seedlings to growers worldwide.

The agricultural tour comes to an end at the parking lot of the kibbutz, where the group will be continue  to the Rosh Hanikra site itself. There the group will descend the famous cable car into the grottos and cliff area, view the sound & light film in the theatre carved from the stone itself and be free to tour the entire site at leisure.

PRICE (incl. VAT): NIS 87 - Each group can accommodate up to 50 persons in these vehicles, 4 in each one, with the driver in possession of a valid driver’s license.