Attractions in the north – child premium ticket – entrance + electric car/bicycle

The main attraction on the site – the grottoes. The grottoes excel in their unique beauty, in the changing of colors at different times of the day, and with the changing of the seasons. The length of the natural grotto route is about 200 meters. The cable car is the main means of access to the mysteries of the grottoes.
The duration of the journey is about two minutes in each direction. The cable car descends from 70 meters above sea level to the grottoes and the view evocative of the day of creation that can be seen from the cars during the ride is absolutely breathtaking!

After the visit to the grottoes, you can add riding a bike or taking an easy and independent ride in an electric vehicle along the coastal promenade route. On the way, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the sea, the rock rabbits living among the rocks and a pleasant sea breeze. Great fun!

Between 4 and 6 visitors can travel in one vehicle.
The driver of the electric vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.


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